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Summer lessons are available now! Shoreline pool will launch June 1st at 6pm for lessons starting in July!

At McDonald Swim School LLC, we teach private and semi-private swim lessons to people of all ages and swimming abilities. In the pool, we learn to swim by having fun, building confidence, and overcoming fears! As former competitive swimmers, our teachers radiate a love for the water while teaching our students how to swim with proper technique. Our unique private setting allows for a relaxed and fun yet focused atmosphere where we uncover fears and unlock your potential. We embrace every opportunity and look forward to teaching you or your kids how to swim!


You bring the kids and the groupings, McDonald Swim School does not pair kids together. Each family brings 1, 2, or 3 kids to swim together in a lesson. The lessons can be siblings, relatives, or friends of your choosing. See the FAQ if you are not sure if you should sign up for private or semi-private swim lessons.

 Summer discounts

For the first time ever, we are offering SUMMER ONLY discounted packages. These coupon packages are designed to provide greater value to our loyal, consistent families while helping you save on your swim lesson expenses. We are extremely passionate about teaching kids to swim and the best way to learn to swim is by practicing and having exposure to the water. Once week lessons are better than no lessons at all, BUT if a kid can be in the water 3 to 5 times a week their progress will be exponentially better and faster. 

Private Coupon Package:
  • 40-Lesson Packages $1,550: Breaks down to roughly 3 lessons a week. The equivalent of 3 free lessons; saving $126!
  • 26-Lesson Packages $1,050: Breaks down to roughly 2 lessons a week. The equivalent of 1 free lesson. 
2-Person Coupon Package: Each swimmer must have their own 40 or 26 punch card. These punch cards may not be split between them. 
  • 40-Lesson Package $1,180 per swimmer/$2,360 total cost for two swimmers. The equivalent of 3 free lessons; saving $192!
  • 26-Lesson Package $800 per swimmer/$1,600 total cost for two swimmers. 1 free lesson.
    See terms and conditions for additional details.

    Purchase these packages BEFORE booking any lessons.



Summer 2024 Grand opening of shoreline




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As long as construction goes as planned, we will be launching lesson availability June 1st at 6pm for lessons starting July 1st! A special note- Charlie, a favorite instructor, will be working Mondays and Tuesdays through July!


Spots for swim lessons are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning that the first swimmer to register will secure the spot.

Our facility exclusively reserves the pool for swim lessons to provide a distraction-free learning experience. Although multiple lessons may be taking place at the same time, each lesson will have its own designated area to ensure a safe and effective environment for all participants.

 Summer schedule is open

Shoreline pool availability opens June 1st at 6pm for a july 1st start

If you do not see any available dates, make sure to click “Next Available”.

2024 Lesson Launch Dates

Summer Schedule Launching:

May 18th at 8am June, July, & August

Perrinville pool opening for June! Lessons launching May 18th.

Shoreline pool grand opening in JULY! As long as construction is done… Lessons launch June 1st at 6pm

cancellation list

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We email every couple of days with available spots!




Great swim instructor, love that it’s one on one.

Connie S.