Swim Lesson Progression

Welcome to McDonald Swim School, where we believe that every swimmer has the potential to be successful in the water. We understand that the journey to becoming a skilled swimmer requires dedication and commitment, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Our team of experienced instructors is here to offer you personalized instruction. From beginners to advanced swimmers, we have lessons designed to take you to the next level. Our mission is to help everyone become confident swimmers.

Our approach is grounded in the belief that each swimmer has the potential to overcome challenges and achieve greatness in their own way. Our instructors will be with you every step of the way, pushing you to reach new heights and conquer any fears you may have.

So whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your strokes, come join us at McDonald Swim School and discover your inner swimmer. 

Skill Levels

Baby (Under 12 Months)

Introducing your baby to swimming can be an exciting and memorable experience. We strive to create a fun and safe environment for both baby and parent. Here is what you can expect from our program at this level:

– Water familiarity
– Separation from parent
– Intro to kicking and scoops by song and play
– Floatation and Gliding

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Level 1 Beginner

In our beginner swim lessons, we prioritize pool safety and introduce your child to the water in a safe and supportive environment. Here is what you can expect from our program in level 1:

– Intro to pool safety
– Blow bubbles with mouth
– Water on face, both ears tap in
– Back float with support
– “Rocket” streamline from step, 1 ft to instructor (eyes in or out)
– Monkey crawl along wall and yell for help
– Climb out of pool with assistance
– Kick feet on front with support
– Assisted jump into pool from siting position

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Level 2 Underwater Discovery

Welcome to Level 2 of our beginner swim lessons, where your child will continue their aquatic journey by exploring the depths of the pool and discovering their underwater abilities! Our priority in this level is to build on the safety skills introduced in Level 1 and help your child develop their independence and confidence in the water. Here is what you can expect from our program in level 2:

– General water/sun safety
– Entire face in water
– Independent head bobs
– Float on back with assistance 10 seconds
– Roll front to back with assistance
– Kick on front with kickboard/noodle
– “Rocket” streamline from step, 3 ft to instructor
– Assisted relax on side with ear in
– Retrieve object underwater from steps
– Assisted standing jump from side
– Climb out of pool with minimal assistance

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Level 3 Adventurer

Welcome to Level 3, where your child will become a confident adventurer in the water! In this level, we prioritize safety by teaching your child essential skills such as emergency identification and independent back floating, while also improving their stroke development and independence through exciting and challenging activities. Here is what you can expect from our program in level 3:

– Emergency identification
– Kick on back with kickboard/noodle
– “Rocket” streamline from step, 5+ ft
– Independent back float for 5 seconds
– Front arm scoops with face underwater
– Swim, float, swim with assistance
– Elementary backstroke with assistance
– Side stroke with assistance
– Independent jump in and assisted kick to wall
– Climb out of pool unassisted

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Level 4 Water Safe

Welcome to Level 4, where your child will become water safe! Learning water safety is essential for children to enjoy aquatic activities safely. In this level, we will help your child become confident and competent in the water, allowing them to have fun while also being prepared to respond to potential water emergencies. Here is what you can expect from our program in level 4:

– Basic rescue skills -how to help
– Independent back float
– Kick on back without assistance
– Backstroke rainbow arms with assistance
– Swim, float, swim- kick and arms
– Clothes on jump in and swim across pool
– Elementary backstroke without assistance
– Jump into deep end, kick on back to shallow end
– Sculling introduction – on noodle like horse

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Level 5 Stroke Development

Welcome to Level 5, where your child will continue to develop their swimming abilities and gain new skills to become a more confident and competent swimmer. In this level, we’ll focus on refining stroke technique and building endurance to help your child become a stronger swimmer. Here is what you can expect from our program in level 5:

– Treading water 10 sec.
– Freestyle stroke
– Side breathing with assistance
– Backstroke
– Breaststroke with assistance, arms, and legs
– Dolphin kick
– Kneeling to standing dive
– Touch bottom in the deep end

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Level 6 Fine Tuning/Endurance Building

Welcome to Level 6, where you will fine-tune stroke development and build endurance in the water. We’ll focus on improving freestyle with consistent side breathing, as well as developing backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Here is what you can expect from our program in level 6:

– Stroke Development
– Freestyle- consistent side breathing
– Backstroke
– Breaststroke
– Butterfly
– Proper turns for all strokes
– Treading water
– Standing dives

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Adult Coaching

Our adult coaching lessons are designed to provide you with the tools and support you need to reach your swimming goals, no matter what they may be. So whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, compete in a swim event, or just enjoy the water more, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

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